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Board of Directors

NamePositionCommittee MembershipYear of Appointment
Peter WildenChairmanRemuneration & Nomination Committee (member)2021
Patrick AebischerVice Chairman, Lead Independent DirectorInnovation & Technology Committee (chair)2021
Beat In-AlbonIndependent MemberAudit & Risk Committee (chair)2021
Jane SalikMemberInnovation and Technology Committee (member)2021
Erik SchroppMemberAudit & Risk Committee (member)2021
Philippe WeberIndependent MemberRemuneration & Nomination Committee (chair)2021

Executive Committee

Raymond De Vré
Chief Executive Officer

Jan Fuhr Miller
Chief Financial Officer

Jan Christensen
Director Global Sales and Marketing

Daniel Lasanow
Director Global Operations

Christina Del Vecchio
General Counsel

Corporate Documents and Policies

Articles of Association

Organizational Regulations

Board Committee Charters

Code of Conduct